Take Risks & Prosper is a UK Brand that launched on the streets of Birmingham, before the wave spread across the country. 

The brand took the UK clothing scene by storm starting with the reflective jackets before becoming the face of the highly sought after paint splash apparel. Take Risks relates to every part of society and we show that in our products. 

From streetwear culture, to the prospering UK rap scene, to becoming an everyday essential in outfits, Take Risks offers must have exclusives that put us at the forefront of diverse fashion.

Our signature ‘Take Risks’ logo features prominently in a range of our items including our caps and hoodies or can be seen lurking in and amongst our various item styles. 

With orders from countries such as Australia and Germany, Amsterdam to the US, Take Risks & Prosper resonates with all those who come into contact with the brand be it through our designs or the interpretation of the brand name.